These Midwest Perennial Garden design Tips will make you proud!

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If you are looking for midwest perennial garden design tips and ideas, look no further. You found your answers.

Hostas, peonies, daylilies!

You can group perennials together in patches if you would like.

You can let perennials mix together in groups with no ground being visible between. You will end up needing to plant them a little closer together than you might think. For example let say you choose a variety with an wider spread, you could plant yours further apart.

Much of this, will depend on the quality of the plants that you purchase. We all know, that if you skimp on quality it will affect your quantity.

For perennials, hereโ€™s some tips on how to prepare the soil.

Add lots of organic matter to the planting area. Use a lot of compost, old tree leaves, mushroom compost, shredded bark mulch or manure. Usually the perennials grow in the same basic area for a long time. Adding bunches of organic stuff creates a good base that alway helps perennial plants grow faster and more hardy.

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