These 3 Vegetable Garden Fertilizer tips will make you proud and happy!

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Try these simple and basic vegetable garden fertilizer tips so your garden grows impressivly.

TIP #1 – Fertilize your spring seedlings with a fertilizer that is soluble. Mix it up with a little water at the start. Then when your plants start to grow you can switch over to a more soli granular vegetable fertilizer. You will be AMAZED.

TIP #2 – Mix some dry fertilizer in with your top 2” to 4 inches of the rich soil. If you’ve not had rain sprinkle on some water to activate the fertilizer after.

TIP #3 – How much fertilizer? You should use about two or three pounds of a 10-20-10 for approximately every 100 SQF (square feet) of your gardening area. WARNING ! Don’t over do it with too much fertilizer, because this can easily kill plants. For reference, about 2 (two) cups of the average type fertilizers will weigh maybe 1 pound.

If you prefer to buy fertilizer online, you can go to our FERTILIZER PAGE.